Saturday, September 4, 2010

Some good, some great, some sad and some downright ugly

It's been quite a while. I have really been on a tear knitting shawls this summer. I seem to love the intricate work. I finished perhaps my favourite piece, which was Nancy Bush's Estonian shawl "MADLI". Just love it. It certainly belongs in the great feelings category. This week also brings the end of the summer and a time in 1 day when my daughter will be going off to University for the first time. I knew it would be an emotional time for me but never thought it would be this hard. I am so proud of her, and this week we have been getting her stuff together. It's all sitting in the front room ready to be loaded in the car. Each time I pass it today I have felt immense sadness and happiness all at the same time.

Sadness because my baby is moving out. I know that each time I pass her room I will wonder how she was doing. I will not be able to see her each morning or night. And there are going to be many days when I probably won't even hear from her. And I will feel so far away (it's only 2 hours). On the other side I find myself with great happiness. Because my daughter has achieved what no other child in our family has done. Going to college. And she is doing it, allow me to brag, on the deans list with a 90 average. I feel happy for her and the many exciting adventures she will take as she grows into a woman.

Yes, it is that time when everything in your life changes just a little bit. On the downright ugly side, I have a family problem. It is something that popped up that shouldn't have. Something that takes this special week of mine and tries to taint it. It is a problem that makes me want space from my family. It is also a problem that will very likely change things for the very worse. I don't want to bore all with the details but it involves a sibling who goes behind your back,and a parent that makes excuses for bad behaviour.

Yes a tough week in all respects. I guess my next post will no longer be from me. But from me who has changed even slightly.

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