Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Road that never ends but just keeps getting better

I have been really into knitting shawls over the last few years. Of course I don't wear them but just love making them. Lately as you know I have been knitting some Orenburg shawls. Today as I was looking at more incredible shawl designs that it hit me all of a sudden like a rock. I WILL NEVER KNIT EVERYTHING I WANT TO KNIT. Yes, there I said it out loud. Now after I have spent a few hours pouting and not believing I realized that this was the case. I mean I have looked at Shetland shawls saying I am going to knit that. Then at Estonian shawls and want to design and knit one. And knit others that are already out there. And then of course I cursed myself further by joining an Orenburg Shawl KAL given by not just a great designed but someone who has actually changed some of the way I look at shawls. She has a great historical knowledge. And there you go. Another 30 or 40 shawls and I see I will never be able to knit what I want. Yes the road never ends for this but each thing I learn and knit just makes it that much better. So there.