Thursday, September 16, 2010

How a Scarf becomes a pillow

My argyle has been coming along great but with each row I knit there is a voice screaming that the scarf is going to be way to short. Given the 76 stitches this would be a pretty wide scarf. I figured that I could just seam it and double it up into a tube. That would solve my too wide problem, but I am starting to think that nothing will fix my "not long enough" problem.

The ball of yarn is getting smaller and I am convinced that I don't have enough for a scarf. Thinking about the problem I have bandied about the thought of making a pillow instead. And now that I am at the point of no return I am faced with two choices.

The first choice would be to keep on knitting and hope for the best. The problem is that if I am right, and I am so sure I am, then I would be left with a table runner. Or perhaps a scarf for a very, very small person. Either way it would be devastating.

My second choice is to STOP KNITTING.... and put the stitches on holders. I can then cast on again and knit another piece. Then using a three needle bind off and seaming could make the two pieces into a pillow. So this is what I did.....made an executive decision......moved the stitches.....and the part that is so hard.....broke the yarn.

Okay the hard part is done. I have officially dove into a pillow. To try and shake it up a bit more and experiment a bit with argyling, I decided to change up the yarn pattern. Instead of using the purples on the ends to begin and the gray in the middle, I reversed it. Now I have 6 stitches of gray on each end, and the 18 purples in the middle. Same 76 stitches as before.

What I am wondering is that in making this change will it change the look of of the argyle and how the colour move, or will it just offset the two pieces? We'll find out soon.

So that is how a scarf becomes a pillow.

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