Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Always something new

Lately I have been knitting socks and slippers for so many people. I love them and their quick but I was getting a bit bored. No sooner then I thought that then a night on ravelry spiced things up. I found two great groups that had me excited. The first was one on Illusion knitting. You can see my first try at it in the picture. this knit when looked at head on just looks like stripes but when you move away you see the picture of snape. The amazing knits that are done using this technique and mathematics was simply amazing. No sooner did I get wrapped in these projects then I came across another site which featured "Pooled knits".

Actually it was planned pooling. In other words figuring out how to control the colours in handknit yarns. The website yarn floozies had a great tutorial and some beautiful works. Another person on ravelry had figured out how to create great patterns that were controlled.

I guess that's the great lesson that if you look and sometimes even when you don't something comes along that teaches you something you didn't know the day before.

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