Monday, September 27, 2010

Out From The Ashes

It's amazing how a project can take on a life of it's own and then proceed to take over a small part of your life. As most of you have read in earlier posts I have been working on an Argyle Planned Pooling Project. If your not sure what I am talking about then stop reading and go back to an earlier post.

Anyways, For the longest time I was dying to try this type of project but couldn't find the proper yarn. I finally found the yarn and then proceeded to tangle it into a huge mess.This became the first time I wanted to just throw this project away. I persevered though and finally got the mess straightened out and began knitting. Second time coming up of wanting to throw it away because I realized I would be short enough yarn to make a scarf.

Pretty much was thinking,"oh well", but I didn't want to just give up on the project. The yarn had such perfect colors and the pattern was working. So I changed the scarf to a pillow and finished the first side. Halfway thought the second side I again realized that I was going to run out of yarn before I ran out of project.

Really.... was someone trying to tell me something. It seemed like the gods had transpired to make sure this project never got finished. If you are keeping score this would be the third time I was ready to throw it all away.

Still, I wouldn't quit. So I noticed some black fingering weight yarn leftover from my Haruni Shawl and got an idea.

I could knit a black backing on the pillow. But then I had another idea.....I could knit two rows of the black between two rows of the handpainted yarn.

With that last thought I ripped back my previous attempt and started again. And lo and behold I was once again winning the epic battle that was being waged for my projects survival.

And now that I am almost finished I am loving this second side better then the first. It first of all broadens the argyle which helps to bring out the subtle colors that run around the bolder patterns of purple. It also takes on an illusion look with the black stripes disappearing the farther back that you move. And I really think this back of the pillow is quickly becoming the front of the pillow. Who would have thought.
This project has really become a part of me.

Of course I hope now I haven't jinxed myself.

Keep you posted.

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