Saturday, September 18, 2010

Knitting (unfortunately) towards the beginning

Sometimes knitters, it's just one of those days. The kind where you find yourself knitting towards the beginning. Yes, I know that the goal is to knit to the end, but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way.

I started the morning working away on the second piece of my argyle pillow that used to be a scarf. I was getting a bit bored so I put it down and decided to start a new pair of ankle socks just for a change of pace. I figured I could try and use some patterns from my New Barbara Walker books. I just got three of them a few weeks back.

I looked through the book, found the pattern and then found some colours in my stash that I thought would look great. So far, it's been a good day and everything is moving towards the end

After I finished the first repeat of the pattern, I thought I would take a break and go back for a bit to my argyle pillow. And that was going to be the start of the end or in my case the start of the beginning.

After three or four rows I noticed that the colours in the argyle were harder to control. I knew something had to be wrong, and then there it was. Two dropped stitches. Now in stockinette this would really be no problem but in garter stitch I can't say the same. Well, I fixed the two areas, but knew it was not quite right. I talked myself into knitting forward and that it would be fine in the grand scheme of things. But alas a few rows later I kept coming back to that area. Okay....relax....get a drink and come back to it.

The drink gotten I now tried to fix that spot, and again began to knit forward, knowing full well that it was going to be a futile effort. Sure enough, after a few more rows I couldn't take it and quickly ripped the stitches from the needles and began to rip back. Here I began going towards the beginning. I finally got the stitches on the needles but it still was not quite right. Don't worry just start knitting backwards. You know, towards the beginning. Two more rows and the mistakes were all out of the piece and I was ready to move forward. But I did not want to tempt fate and upset the knitting gods, so I figured I would put the piece down and work on my sock again. This was to be my second mistake.

I knit about 5 rows of my sock, when I noticed something was not right. Yes, think how I felt. Well, it seems that instead of two rows of each colour there was this single row of colour sitting there all by itself. Of course I know what this means, so there I went knitting backwards towards the beginning again.

Well, I have finally gotten both pieces back into a mistake free mode but you gotta know what my next question is.

Do I tempt the fates and knit anymore today. Or should I understand that some days knitting just wants to go backwards towards the beginning.


  1. Hi Stuart
    I must say I am impressed.
    So just thought I stop in and see what you have on your blog. I smile when I read your stories about the knitting and how we sometimes just go back to the beginning and start over again. We all have had this scenario before too. So have fun....
    I have not met you so far but we shop at the same store. You know Unwind Yarn House...Wendy our friend and ohhh of course Sandra too and the rest of the store friends. Love it there.
    I hear you are teaching the continental knitting too. Nice, that is my preferred way of knitting too.

  2. Hi and Thanks Jacqueline
    Nice to meet another continental knitter at unwind. Always try and get Wendy to take my class but so far no success. I did get Sandra though. I am glad you enjoyed my blog as most times I figure I am just writing for myself.