Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Someone is out there

It's been awhile since I have last blogged. Sounds like the start of a confessional. Well, rest easy it is not that. Stopped by my local LYS today to pick up a few Harmony Needle kits for some fellow workers when someone out of the blue said to me "I love reading your blog". Wow, I thought, someone actually reads my blog. The smile that came across my face must have been big because it hurt all the way to my ears.

I started writing a blog just to talk about being a male knitter in a female dominated field. But like everyone I guess it's nice to know that some one actually enjoys reading what you write. Each day I would post a blog I would check back to see the comments. And of course each day I was lucky if even one comment appeared. Usually none. I must be pretty boring I would think, after all when I read a blog like the YARN HARLOT, there are hundreds of comments.

Although again I think I like writing this just to get thoughts out, I guess I also like that someone reads it. Well, today my day was made. The funny thing is that even though I rate my readability by my comments, which as I said were pretty paltry, I myself rarely post a comment on the blogs that I read. So I guess it is possible that someone is reading my blog and that they really just don't comment.

I think this has renewed my blog and just want to thank that person, and you know who you are (if you read this) for that lovely comment today. It really was great.

The second thing that happened today really made me laugh. I was talking to someone else in the store about various knitting styles and things and they said to me "could you be any gayer for a straight guy". Now that is funny and just for anyone who might find that offensive, it was actually said with love. Of course I'm sure someone might take offense but really I hope not. My daughter laughs all the time as she sits and knits with me and says that I am the only dad who coaches her football team and teaches her friends to knit. She even told me today that a friend who saw the socks that I made from her thought it was cool that her dad did that.

Well, as you can tell a real good day for me, a male knitter. One hundred percent hooked.


  1. I'm reading your blog! :)

    I'm glad you were encouraged to continue writing.

  2. Thanks so much. Glad to hear. You made me smile also