Friday, April 22, 2011

Work in Progress

I am not one of those knitters who can start a large multiple of projects, leaving some for months waiting to be finished. Instead I am the type that really has to finish projects as quick as possible. It's almost like an obsession. Each project interests me but part way in I start thinking about my next project. Then I get so excited about it that I go nuts trying to finish what is on my needles so I can get to the next thing. Yes, this does allow me to finish many projects but some days it really takes over.

I am currently knitting to larger projects. Each was something that I have wanted try for a while. The first is a Shetland Shall from Sharon Millers book "Heirloom knitting". For a long time I have wanted to try and shetland shawl. And this book had many great charts of phenomal lace. But the one I chose is instead a terribly boring knit. It's just one row of lace and three of garter  over and over. The second problem is that I am knitting it in the round. Because of that I can't really check out my progress. Just sits on my needles like a big blob.

My second project, and yes that is my maximum WIPs, is a sampler blanket from the 4th Treasury of knitting. I am doing it in mosaic garter. I decided to try this to try and use up all my bits and pieces of leftover sock yarn. At the beginning I again was very excited.

This first piece looked great. The problem is that in using up the yarn the colors that I have to continue with really are a jumble. I don't have a picture yet but will post soon.

So now I have these two projects that are both fairly long time wise, and I am bored with both of them. My stubborness however will not let me do anything but keep going. So I just go back and forth between the two.

This inability to put a piece away I think over the long run will drive me crazy. I will be found one day, with bloody fingers, worked to the bone, with yarn covering my body and a just finished piece covering me. Of course you see it would have to be finished.

Well I guess now I am rambling, so it must be time to close. And the longer I sit here and type the less time I have to try and finish.

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  1. I'm glad you are so faithful... I, however, am fickle with my projects. Luckily, I am a VERY faithful wife. :)