Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Settling In

Last month I moved my folks into an independent Retirement home. The place is fantastic and it really is a better place for them to be. My mom, is just delighted with the place, but my dad is still getting used to it. They each have there own set of problems, and for me at least I know that they are in a much safer place.

It's funny how life cycles in such a circle, and the older you get the closer you move back to the start. This month I myself am turning 50 and that means I have reached well past the half of my circle.

It's funny to hear my dad tell me that the new place is filled with such old people, when in fact they are pretty much the same age. I guess if you are 78 then 85 is old. Remember when we were young and a few years was huge. As a 10 year old  those 12 year olds seemed really big. As we aged though the differences were not as acute. But I guess as we get much older, they seem so great again.

I am happy that my folks are now in a place where they can receive proper meals, physio, and other people to talk to. I know my dad will adjust over time. I hope that they can stay they for a while because the next step would probably be a nursing home.

Good luck mom and dad and I hope this new move provides you with a better quality of life.

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