Friday, January 1, 2010

So why is it such a big thing?

I spent part of my New Years Eve with some friends. At one point one of them decided to tell the room that "I am justaknitting male" And for some reason, I found myself defending myself? I never really understand why it puts me on the defensive. I mean, I really enjoy knitting. Do I really care what someone else might think about me being a "Knitting Male"?

Well, yes I guess in some way I do care. Really, when I think about it it is the new "Male Knitter" coming out of the closet. Yes it is no longer the decade of gay comings out but the one of Male Heterosexual knitters coming out. So weird to feel like you can talk about knitting with woman but should hide it from other guys. The best yet is that when someone else mentions to a room that I knit.....I quickly announce that "I COACH FOOTBALL". There! See! I really am a man.

Who would have thought that knitting could threaten ones masculinity? So then is that my New Years resolution? To come out of the knitting closet for good? Well....I'll have to think about that one.

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