Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Portuguese Knitting

I just received my video and pins from Andrea Wong. She has been great to deal with. Lately I have been dealing with a bit of stress as my mom is having some medical issues. Knitting when I get back home from the hospital has helped keep me calm. I am just about finished my Almost Double knit scarf and can't wait to start a project using the new Portuguese knitting technique. Whether it will replace my continental is debatable, given that I am pretty quick and even in that method, but I can see some really good uses. The video shows some great stranding techniques that I think might help with eveness compared to now when I use Continental with one hand and english with the other. I am going to try an sock or mitten with the PK and see how it goes. Still fiddling round with tension at the moment to get it right.

It's amazing how many different techniques there really are to make a knit and purl stitch. Besides the three I have learned I see a forum on Ravelry that talks about Russian Knitting. And how about the Norwegian Purl stitch I learned last week. Amazing how you can do the same thing so many different ways.

I'll let you know how my PK knitting progresses but one thing for sure it's the first knitting style where it's easier to Purl than to knit. As well it looks like doing lace might be a breeze. Thanks to Andrea for her help along the way.


  1. Good luck with it. I love knitting Portuguese style. It's second nature now. (Sorry about your Mom.)

  2. Thanks so much Linda. Just finished a sample glove with made up pattern and really seem to enjoy PK. Thanks about my mom. She is on the mend. Hopefully I will post my PK gloves on Ravelry as a project.