Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Road that never ends but just keeps getting better

I have been really into knitting shawls over the last few years. Of course I don't wear them but just love making them. Lately as you know I have been knitting some Orenburg shawls. Today as I was looking at more incredible shawl designs that it hit me all of a sudden like a rock. I WILL NEVER KNIT EVERYTHING I WANT TO KNIT. Yes, there I said it out loud. Now after I have spent a few hours pouting and not believing I realized that this was the case. I mean I have looked at Shetland shawls saying I am going to knit that. Then at Estonian shawls and want to design and knit one. And knit others that are already out there. And then of course I cursed myself further by joining an Orenburg Shawl KAL given by not just a great designed but someone who has actually changed some of the way I look at shawls. She has a great historical knowledge. And there you go. Another 30 or 40 shawls and I see I will never be able to knit what I want. Yes the road never ends for this but each thing I learn and knit just makes it that much better. So there.


  1. How about this:
    DECIDE to knit ONE thing each year that you want to knit. :D
    So far it's working for me...I am half way through a lace pullover I have wanted to knit for almost a decade. My biggest knit fan and the one who demands the most objects actually demanded I finish my own sweater before I start his. (he's 6)
    So that says something..."Auntie you need to finish something for yourself FIRST!"
    So, "Stuart, you need to finish something for yourself FIRST!"
    Diane - aka Yarn-Yogini

  2. I found your blog when looking for "lever knitting" and found it interesting. I am another male who is interested in knitting and who is less interested in making cloths than in the techniques used in knitting. I was coming to the conclusion that shawls might be my best way forward and so was interested to find that someone else had taken that path.

    1. If you are on Ravelry and look me up with the name Hoffco you will see that I knit a ton of shawls. To me they are both artistic and heirlooms. Good luck with your journey