Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All for the sake of a ball?

Sometimes the ability of the human mind to rationalize is astounding. Actually I mean the ability not to rationalize. Last sunday I was out walking Archie in the golf course. Now, usually he likes to carry his ball in his mouth. Given that the all is worth $5 I really take great pains to make sure we end our walk with the ball still with us. Well, this time as we got close to the end of the course, Archie took off onto the frozen ( and not frozen) pond. He has done this before. This time however, he dropped the ball in the unfrozen part. It slipped just a bit under the ice. I tried to see if he would get it since he was in the water anyways but he did not.

Well the next morning we returned to the scene of the crime. This time I had a long stick. As we approached, I could see the bright orange ball, floating on the surface but it had moved a bit farther into the middle of the pond. Although that nagging feeling told me to not do what I was going to do next, I of course ignored it. Archie had been on the pond many times before, and sometimes he even broke through but got right out.

This time was different though. As he got to the edge of where the water was no longer frozen, the ice cracked and his front legs slid into the water. His entire head submerged. I was freaked. Then his whole body went in. He turned to get out but the ice cracked and he could not get out. There he was in the middle of the pond, with his front paws on the ice and the rest in the water. We were isolated with no one else around.

I thought for a second and then just acted. I got down on my belly and spread my hands and legs out. I knew this was stupid but what choice was there. I slowly inched my way closer to the opening, hoping that the ice would hold even though Archie weighs less by half and it did not hold him. I got close enough to where I could grab a hold of his collar and then heaved. He came up and out of the water. I slowly backed up and miraculously made it back to the shore. We were both soaked.

How stupid was I that all for the sake of a $5 ball, we would try this stunt. How stubborn are we men that we refuse to let some ideas(like getting a ball back) die. Luckily we were both wet but fine. We hightailed it home and then dried off.

Let's hope that my stupidity level does not rise that high again.

As for knitting, I have not posted much on Ravelry but have finished quite a few projects. I hope to get some pictures.

I finished my first double knit hat with a different pattern on the both sides, I also finished my Aeolian shawl and am just waiting to block. This is for my daughter-in-laws wedding. I also did a quick toque to replace the one I had lost, and a pair of socks.

I am know at that point where I am not sure what I want to knit next. Hmmmn. Sometimes there are so many patterns and no time and then other times, hmmmmn. Well I guess it will come to me.

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