Thursday, October 7, 2010

Will everyone hate me?

I am in between projects just having finished an earflap hat for my daughter and waiting for measurements to start some mittens for my mother. While deciding which project to start next I thought I would start up a quick sock. Now I have knit many socks and most times enjoy it thoroughly. This time though I thought I would try the new construction idea from Cat Bordhi's book the Insouciant knitter. Not sure if I spelled that one right. Now I most surely am not the most accomplished knitter and from all my readings Cat is someone very highly regarded. And in a lot of her stuff I must agree. So I found my book and began casting on to make a demo sock in this new style.

Now the instructions are certainly well done, and I have been knitting along quite well. I did the whole sole section, and then put in my lifelines and finished the heel section. So far so good you would think.

The problem is that I am really not enjoying this knit. I really am not sure how the heel will stand up against the traditional slip stitch heel that I usually use. And well it does seem to fit well, I never had much of a problem with my cuff down traditional method. All in All I really don't believe this is a type of sock I would make again.

In saying so I feel like I am angering one of the knitting gods, but the truth must be told. I DON"T LIKE THIS. Yes it works and might even fit better but still I DON'T LIKE KNITTING IT.

So, I am sure that I will be kicked out of the most prestigious knitting circles for saying so but what can I do. This blog is all about being honest so there you are.

I will certainly finish up the sock. Actually I am going to add some mosaic patterns as I do the leg just to practice my mosaic, but otherwise I really can't wait to be finished. And perhaps I am just not in sock knitting moods these days. Either way I think I will go back to my old way.

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