Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Brioche E-Video

I was lucky to be chosen as one of a few to review a new Video E-book on Brioche Knitting. This book was done on Ravelry by "Liatm".

I have done some basic Brioche before I had reviewed this book. Basically a flat scarf in one colour. Brioche stitch makes a fantastically plush and elastic fabric great for all sorts of things. It was with great interest that I began to review this e-book.

First off, Liatm takes each step and illustrates the instructions with a close up and clear video. She moves slowly and explains really clearly what she wants you to do. It starts off with a cast on, and then with a set up row. She then moves into a basic stitch knit flat, and then in the round.

The real fun begins when she introduces a second colour in the round. This makes a great looking fabric. There is also a few suggestions for patterns. Finally she ends off with knitting the stitch flat.

I have to give this high marks in the way that she moves through each area. Perhaps the best part of the whole book, in my mind, is that she takes the time to explain how to READ your stitches on the needle.

Many people who love Brioche, hate the fact that when they make a mistake it can be so difficult to fix it and get back on track. By showing her viewers how to READ the stitches, she solves this problem. Now you can see a mistake before it gets to the point of no return. And better yet you can fix it.

I am just checking my stash so that I can cast on a two colour brioche hat or cowl. Can't wait to see how it goes.

If you have ever wanted to try this great stitch then I highly recommend that you get this book. You can find it at KNITfreedom in the Brioche Videos area.

Good luck with it and thanks to Liatm for a great job.

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  1. Thank you so much, Stuart, for this review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and I love knowing what you liked most about the course. Thanks!