Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The most dramatic blog yet!

Was just watching an episode of American Idol and working on a pair of socks. Each episode seems to contain someone saying at some point..."Stay tuned for the most dramatic episode yet". As a matter of fact almost every reality show out there says the same thing. And of course each week you tune in and it really isn't that dramatic. But that got me to thinking. What else could they say. I mean if we knew that the priors week show was the most dramatic and nothing new would be better, then we would never continue to watch. What's more this very statement that the most dramatic was yet to come gives us hope. Hope that the future holds something even better. And then I realized that this was really a metaphor for life.

What if we had nothing to look forward to? How hard would it be to wake up knowing that. But if we always think that the most dramatic or exciting thing was just about to happen. We would always look forward to the future with anticipation. We would be eager to wake each day so we could find out what that "MOST" thing was. Maybe thats why we are all so infatuated with reality shows. They give us in a most perverted way a sense of hope. A sense of something to look forward to. As a matter of fact thats probably why a show like Jerry |Springer is so popular. If I ever was going to consider suicide I would just watch an episode of Jerry. Afterall how bad could my life be when I see the people on the show.

So even though it's annoying every week to hear that the next week was going to be the most dramatic. It is also a way to live by?

Must be late at night!

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